Booking contract holidays

Booking contract term time

July 2020



Dear Parents,


Please find attached your new contract(s) to continue or secure a place for your child(ren) in Fox Club between 3rd September 2020 and 31st August 2021.


Sessions will be:

· Breakfast £ 4.75

· Wraparound £12.95

· After School 3-4pm £ 5.00 (no tea)

· After School 3-5.55pm £ 9.25 (including tea)

· Full Day Holiday Session £24.95 (7.30am to 6.pm inc Breakfast, Lunch and Tea)

· Morning Session £16.50 (7.30am to 1.30pm inc Breakfast and Lunch)

· Afternoon Session £16.50 (12 noon to 6pm inc Lunch and Tea)

· School Day Session £16.50 (9am-3pm inc lunch)


To guarantee Fox Club opening in the holidays, it has to be viable. It is essential that holiday care is booked in advance. (A range of activities and themed days are included) If numbers are not viable Fox Club may not be able to open every holiday and it could well jeopardise holiday care for your child(ren) in the future. For this reason we issue two separate contracts.


It is important that you read your contract(s) carefully as there have been some changes (highlighted in yellow) to the Booking Terms and Conditions. Places are limited for each session, however if there is an increased demand for some sessions, prefer-ence will be given to those renewing their existing contracts.


Please complete and return the contracts to school by email or post by 17th July. (you can also return them by posting in the post box just through door in the main entrance to school)


Mrs C Richards